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Higher Level Occupational Therapy Ltd. strives to provide client-centered, evidence-based occupational therapy services within our client’s community. Our licensed therapists are passionate about working with individuals and groups with functional impairments and helping them progress within their recovery to ultimately improve their participation and quality of life. The OT services we provide our clients are holistic in nature. We aim to address and improve the client’s physical, cognitive, psycho-social and spiritual functioning as well as the unique elements of the activities the client wishes to improve and the client’s environmental surroundings. The majority of our work takes place in the client’s community as we facilitate therapy in their homes, places of study and/or place of work.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy aims to improve a client’s overall functioning, participation in activities and quality of life. An Occupational Therapist assesses the client and collaborates with them in order to establish functional goals and address the client’s occupational performance issues which impact their functioning and participation.

OTs have a variety of interventions to help the client progress with respect to their functional goals. OT intervention can target the client themselves (e.g. working on improving strength, energy conservation, cognitive skills, etc.), the client’s environment (e.g. ergonomics, improving accessibility and implementing adaptive equipment) and/or the activity being performed (e.g. task modification).

Our Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION : We aim to help our clients reach a higher level of function, participation and recovery.
VISION: To provide access to any individual and/or group seeking client-centered Occupational Therapy services.

To educate our community on the benefits of Occupational Therapy.


To consistently
provide high quality
Occupational Therapy


To advocate for
individuals and/or
groups with


To collaborate with community partners to pursue positive societal change.

Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

I’m extremely grateful for the services and support I received from Higher Level Occupational Therapy this past year. I was involved in a workplace accident and had chemical burns to my arms.

After being hospitalized, I found it very challenging to return to work and use certain chemicals that are essential for my job as an Operations Manager.  My therapist Jeff helped me get back to my work duties through Exposure Therapy. He listened to my needs and didn’t push me too quick. I appreciate his level of commitment as a therapist.

I also appreciated the fact that there was consistent communication to my WCB case manager on my progress. I highly recommend Higher Level Occupational Therapy!

– Derek C., Operations Manager from Airdrie, AB

Our Services

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Care needs assessment
In-home functional assessment
Capacity assessment
Medical Legal reports
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) assessment and treatment
Cognitive assessment and treatment
Psycho-social assessment and treatment
Ergonomic assessments
Workplace wellness education

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Mailing Address

Please feel free to mail any corresponding medical/rehabilitation documentation to our mailing address:
23-5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW, Suite 19, Calgary AB T3A 5K8.


We can also be reached at
(403) 369-9894.